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This is why!

Our Vinyl is a Specially designed material for Tents.

An excellent barrier against water, high gloss finish repels dirt and contaminates! Great resistance to tearing and ripping. Light weight and extremely high ratio of strength to bulk.

High resistance to the abuses of weather, LOOK at this – To Fight Mildew…Extra mildew resistance added! Our vinyl is certified to meet or exceed California State Fire Marshall’s specifications for flame retardants.

Our vinyl is very strong. Weave is industrial Polyester Filaments. Excellent UV protection to withstand damage that can be caused by the sun.

Our thread is Polyester and will not rot or come apart like some cotton threads used by other companies. We use Polyester Webbing! This webbing is not affected by the Sun and Weather like the nylon and cotton webbing. It costs us more, but it makes a much stronger tent. That lasts, and lasts, and lasts!

The grommets we use are made of Brass. Rolled rim Spur type grommets. They assure maximum strength and resistance to pulling-out.

Our rope and lace line is polyester, tie down is one 5/8 inch rope. Strong, used in industrial and marine areas.

Our designs are a result of years of study and experience; together with our Competitive prices. This is why so many are coming to us!

We offer 2" and 1" Heavy Duty Ratchet Straps
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