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Raw shop video on how tents are made!


I want to take just a few moments to introduce you to our new video, How to Make Tents Made Easy from our video training series. A step-by-step journey from raw materials to a finished tent..
  • Cutting Materials
  • Making Parts
  • Heat Welding
  • Cut & Shift Hips
  • Install Valance
  • Work Stabs
  • Sew Lace Lines
  • Rope & Bag

How To Make Tents
Standard Pole Tents
High Peak
Twin Pole
Frame Tents
Tent Setup


From start to finish in just 2 hours. A detailed close up look at how tents are made, with the floor model roll around Heat Weld System!

In the first few frames of the video tape, we take you from the big shop into a much smaller work area, showing you that it does not take such a large work area to build big, beautiful tents, if you just apply a working knowledge.

We feel this video training tape can help anyone to better understand how to use the floor model roll around heat weld machine (with professional results). And in just a short time and a little practice, you can start building big, beautiful tents like you’ve seen in this video tape.

This video training film has been years in the making. A study in tentmaking, taken through many workshops, from small to large under a wide variety of working conditions. All compiled into this 2 hours of valuable information!

There is an old saying, “One picture is worth 10,000 words.” We believe this! And it has been our practice to capture as much detail as possible with a video camera and trying to catch close up from every angle as much realism as possible. We believe we have!

This has been said to be the most complete How To Make Tents Video Training film on the market! They may be right. View it for yourself. You be the judge.

We also supply drawings on Standard, Frame,Twin Pole and High Peak Slope Tents. We will come to your shop and teach you how to build them. Want to learn how to make your own poles for pole tents and frame tents? We do that to. You can do it also. I know you can! Turn your winter down time into a profitable one!

See how tents are made in a real shop environment!


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